In 1997 Russ Romano volunteered to host a weekend long gathering of CB-1 owners in Burlington Vermont.  After a couple of months of planning on the List we settled on a date and many people planned to attend.  Two members of the list, Stephen Chessor and Robert Froese, were planning a trip from British Columbia to the east coast of Canada and back, so we planned the rally around their timing. Along with Rick Christopher, they made the trip down to Vermont from Prince Edward Island for the weekend.  I don't think anyone will ever top that record for distance travelled (on their CB-1s) to attend a CB-1 Rally!!  Unfortunately... the weather wasn't great that weekend and many people canceled, but we had a terrific weekend anyway!

Immediately after the '97 rally we began planning the '98 rally!  Bryndyn Weiner volunteered to host the '98 rally in the Washington DC area along with the help of Jeff Supko and other DC area listers.  Bryndyn's & Jeff's preparation was great and the '98 rally was a tremendous success! Since then, we've had rallies from Alabama to Vermont!

This years rally will be held in Marion, NC April 17th through 20th, 2009. Join the list and meet us in NC!


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