The LIST is a Mailman email reflector running on

The LIST is comprised of a terrific group of people.... always eager to help with a fellow list'ers concern or just share their experience.  The list is a great resource for anyone who owns a CB-1, regardless of their level of expertise.

If you would like to subscribe to the CB-1 mailing list (or manage your existing subscription), please visit:

PLEASE read and save the welcome email that the list will send you after your subscription is confirmed.

The CB-1 Mailing list is private. Only subscribed members may view the archives or send mail to the list. This means the list is "spam" free.

The history...

The "LIST" was originally a collection of reply-to-all emails between John Weidenfeller and other CB-1 owners who managed to find each other on the 'net back in the days of gopher, ftp, and pine! :-)

Based on John's list of owner's, the "CB-1 Mailing list" was formed sometime around 1996. It was originally run using listproc mailing list software on, a home provided by Alan Fleming, and remoted managed by Rick Christopher. In 1998, Russ Romano took over as List Admin, and the list has had several server homes since then.